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Flowers make every occasion more special not only for their aesthetic value but the meaning they convey. For this reason, our once home-based flower shop led to the now in demand Pirin Flowers. Rossie Drinova, the creative genius behind the shop, is a reputable florist in Surrey who has been providing countless families, businesses, and other clients with outstanding and unique floral pieces for more than two decades.

What are the Advantages of Hiring a Professional Wedding Florist?

Your wedding is one of the most important occasions of your life so it is worth giving your best, particularly when it comes to floral arrangements. While you may be inclined to simply ask a “creative” friend to arrange your wedding flowers, there are many benefits to hiring a professional wedding florist in Surrey like us at Pirin Flowers:

  • Options. We can provide you with a variety of arrangements as well as the freshest flowers in season. We know what flowers work well together and what pieces would be most appealing and memorable.
  • Expertise. Considering that we have been in the business for many years, we know exactly how we can make your vision a reality. We have worked with various clients and on different occasions that we know what designs and arrangements will make your wedding extra special. Just tell us what you have in mind and we can work together to come up with the best floral designs.
  • Peace of Mind. Preparing for your wedding is already stressful enough which is why we at Pirin are committed to helping you out. When you leave all flower-related concerns to us, you will have more time and energy to focus on other aspects of your wedding.

When is the Best Time to Book Your Wedding Florist?

As a general rule, you should book a wedding florist as early as possible. Note, however, that the following wedding details should be finalized or at least approximated first before we can start planning your floral arrangements:

  • Venue. The venues for the ceremony and the reception are key details since it will determine how many and what kind of floral pieces are needed. For instance, will floral standees work better or you would like more aisle flower decorations? Knowing the reception venue beforehand will also help in planning the colors and types of flowers that will complement the existing design of the room.
  • Number of Guests. The number of guests will determine the number of tables and essentially the number of floral centerpieces needed.
  • Entourage. The number of people actively participating in the wedding ceremony and the color of their dresses will also impact floral planning. Different flower arrangements are needed for bridesmaids, parents, flower girls, groomsmen, and ushers.

Flowers bring color, beauty, and elegance to any occasion especially your wedding day. To have the most remarkable flower arrangements that will complement the occasion, rely on us at Pirin Flowers. We treat every flower piece with love and dedication considering that our shop aims to only offer fresh blooms, inspired designs, and friendly service to our clients. Get in touch with us today for more information about your wedding flower needs.

Florist Surrey
​Pirin Flowers and Gifts
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