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Do you need a florist? How hard could it possibly be to arrange flowers in a monochromatic fashion, or throw in other peculiar colors to create something artsy? Arranging the bouquet without outside help is possible. There are real stories of bridesmaids who did a fantastic job of layering all the flowers for their wedding day.

The drive to create a beautiful floral layout is the basic instinct within all professional florists. Floral design schools enjoy hosting designing competitions for public events such as the Europa Cup championships. The incredible festivities are just a fraction of evidence to support the idea that floral design is an important facet of the art industry.

Why you need to hire a professional florist for a big event


A florist with a good resume has developed instincts and emotions to represent a client’s perfect vision. They have the mental fortitude, imagination, and talent to customize your choice of flowers and colors to make for an excellent display of beauty and character.

Flowers are a risky business

Unfortunately, flowers are a risky business. One has to ensure that their preferred vendor is reliable and trustworthy to deliver in time. Late delivery could jeopardize the entire event or worse, leave a bad taste in the mouths of the attendees. A florist who has their head in the game will have enough contacts of vendors that will deliver flowers for any theme.

Free time

While it is a satisfying experience to be hands-on in the delicate process of arranging flowers for an occassion such as a wedding, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming. A florist takes away the stress of meddling with minute details such as color patterns and vase arrangement to give you the luxury of preparing for your big day with grace and joy. You may only need to attend to issues about the idea you wish to include and final adjustments to their work’s outcome.

Most people tend to forget that the audience often scatters away to their after plans after enjoying a beautiful setup. A florist will offer you options on how to preserve your best bouquets. Sometimes, they will also include contact details of a cleaning service that can facilitate the preservation of other floral decorum.

Why should you trust Pirin Flowers and Gifts?

Flower Shop Surrey is one of the locations that offer the floral services of Pirin Flowers. Pirin Flowers has a lot of design inspiration from nature’s bounty. Rossie is the talented owner who enjoys providing her passion for events and businesses through her office in White Rock. Her handmade art inspires the client’s emotion to peace, joy, gratitude, sympathy or any other fitting scenario. Despite Rossie’s friendly demeanor, she maintains utmost professionalism with all her clients.

We have twenty years of experience in providing personalized services through our shops like Flower Shop Surrey. Other outlets have locations in White Rock, Cloverdale & Langley and BC Canada. Talk to us to schedule a consultation and business deal that will favor your prospect.

​Pirin Flowers and Gifts
6645 138 Street, Surrey BC, V3W 5G7

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