Handmade, Natural Favours for Any Occasion

Pirin Naturals specializes in handmade natural products – soap, candles, bath and body products. These products make a beautiful, thoughtful favours for your special occasion – bridal and baby showers, wedding favours and about any occasion, where you want to treat your guests. All product is made in small batches, with the finest natural ingredients – oils, butters, exfoliants, vitamins, etc. We scent our products with pure essential oils and colour with herbal powders, extracts and clays.

Why should you treat your guests with our products?

* made with all natural ingredients;
* made in small batches. That ensures freshness and quality;
* it’s something your guests are actually going to use and be happy with it;
* eco friendly, sustainable, zero waste;
* we will curate your products to fit your budget;
* by ordering from us, you support a very small, local business;
* we will customize each product with name, dates and other details of your event;
* you’re gifting your friends and family with one of a kind, unique, natural, handmade product – good for their health and good for the environment.

If you have a special occasion coming, we will be happy to help you choose best favour for your party. Please get in touch with us, so we can discuss your options – a bar of soap, a candle or a small gift basket that will keep your guests happy 🙂

We are just a phone call away (604)787-5623.
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