• Curated Lavender gift box including wonderful collection of handmade essentials. Pure and natural, all products had been handmade in small batches, with highest quality natural ingredients and scented with pure essential oil of Lavender. All nicely packed in trendy, 100% recycling kraft gift box, tide with a ribbon and a little keepsake charm. What a perfect gift for every occasion!!
  • Thoughtfully curated, luxurious gift box, filled with aromatherapy pure soy wax candle, not one but two lip balms, two bars of our handmade soap and we added a handmade soap dish. This soap dish is specifically designed to keep the soap bar  dry between uses, in order to prolong the life of these luxurious bars. And last but not list, we made a cute little bundle of dry flowers. After all, what is Valentines without flowers? Bonus - these will last very, very, very long time.
  • Who doesn’t like a nice long hot bath to relax and rejuvenate the senses and body? Selection of three of our best selling bath bombs and pure tea lights soy candles, made by hand, with the most high quality, natural ingredients. Good for skin, soul and body. What a way to finish the day!! (By the way, our bath bombs are scented with pure essential oils)
  • This cute gift box includes a beautiful handmade sashes, generously filled with fragrant lavender buds and a bar of lavender soap, scented with pure essential oil of lavender. This box smells amazing. Did you know that Lavender, besides knowing for it’s relaxing properties, also signifies love?
  • Beautiful, fragrant, handmade pure Soy wax candle, scented with the most romantic Rose oil - just amazing. We are so proud of how our candles turned out! They have a little embellishments of three tiny, handmade roses. We made our candles in very attractive, glass vessel, that can be reused later - perhaps as a candle holder with tea lights, or a flower vase. Did we mentioned - the colour of these vessels is just so beautiful. After all - a great valentines gift.

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