• Everything Orchids

    Premium selection of exotic  orchids, lush foliage and fragrant eucalyptus - so fresh and crisp- like spring itself!! Add a pure soy wax candle, for a complete, thoughtful gift.
  • Everything Tulips

    Nothing says Spring better than a bunch of beautiful tulips. Did you know that tulips are the number one choice for a favourite flower, surpassing roses and other obvious choices? With it’s abundance of colours and  shape, and  unruly nature, a fresh bundle of tulips is refreshing and uplifting.
  • Spring Botanicals

    Free style container arrangement that futures various spring blooms and lush selection of foliage. Surely to bring spring feel to any space.
  • Spring Storm

    Unruly fusion of spring flowers and foliage, arranged in a vase. This arrangement truly captures the unpredictability of Spring, where sunshine, rainfalls(and sometimes snowflakes )take turns without any warning.
  • The Spring Centrepiece

    All round, classic centrepiece with a lush choice of greenery that perfectly compliment the shape and choice of flowers. The highlight of this arrangement definitely is the Iris, reminding us that Spring is fast approaching or already is here.
  • Beautiful seasonal blooms and foliage will be selected by the florist, to create this soft and romantic style. Please right in the description box any requests you may have.

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