Antique Rose


The trendy selection of three eucalyptus varieties, unique foliage and pastel florals colors, gives this arrangement a vintage and timeless look. The most romantic bouquet of the summer collection, this is one of our favorite looks for the season. Its loose and  free style design is feminine, soft and simply unforgettable.

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Not sure what style arrangement to choose…Please Read:

Cut Flower Bouquet:
Our hand-tide bouquet is a selection of loose florals and foliage, arranged in a bouquet, using the hand-tide technique. The flowers are arranged in an all-round style, gift-wrapped  in an elegant paper, which is fully recyclable. To provide some water supply during transportation and delivery, we use the wet wrap technique. Upon receiving, recipient needs to unwrap and place the bouquet in a vessel with clean water and flower food, which we provide with the bouquet.

This style arrangement will be greatly appreciated by someone who likes the creative aspect of arranging their own flowers and don’t mined a bit of a work and a creative mess.


Vase Arrangement:
Selection of loose floral and foliage, professionally arranged in a vase with water and flower food.

Sending Vase Arrangement is recommended when recipient will be involved in hosting an event or other activities and will be inconvenient to take care of the flowers upon arrival.


Container Arrangement:
Container Arrangement is a selection of loose flowers and foliage, professionally arranged in a flower foam placed in a container. Flower Foam is saturated with water and conditioned with flower food prior to arranging the flowers. Wide variety of containers can be used –  made from  porcelain, ceramic, cement, glass, plastic, wood, etc. Choosing the right vessel is important, as it becomes part of the arrangement and carry the feel of it.

Container arrangements have the most creative edge in comparison to the hand-tide bouquet and vase arrangement, as the flower foam allows flowers to be cut at different length and angles. This enables more creative freedom in positioning the flowers, foliage and other textures and the ability of creating truly artistic pieces.

At Pirin Flowers, we are committed to create the most beautiful, artistic and unique flower arrangements, regardless of style and size. We would like to provide our customers with the most unforgettable experience in receiving and enjoying our floral pieces.

This is our way of saying Thank you for choosing us as your florist. We appreciate your business, and we are always a phone call, text or email away, ready to listen and help you with selecting the best flowers for your loved ones.

We are here to answer your questions:  604-787-5623


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